We asked our Facebook friends for their advice for those with a new cancer diagnosis and we received some really amazing responses!

“Hold on to your faith.” Fred & Carla

“No matter what your prognosis is. Whether it requires surgery, treatment or whether you’re given a certain amount of time, you fight. And when you don’t have the energy, the strength, or the will, you let your caregiver or family do what they can for you. Take joy in every day. And no matter what live your life.” – Remembering Rosie

“Just believe in yourself, find a good place to go like Yellow Brick Place! They are there for you 12 weeks ago, I got the worst news of my life and 12 weeks later, I’m Cancer free. Thank God, He was with me.” – Janet

“Be brave ,be strong, and have faith. Write down all you usernames and passwords before starting chemo. Love yourself. Let people help you. I wasn’t very good at that. I went to chemo by myself. Not because people wouldn’t go but because I felt more comfortable being around people who knew what I was going through. I met many awesome people there.” – Kim

“Don’t hesitate to ask for help with anything, you don’t have to do it all alone.” – Penny

“Just breathe.” – Jan

“Google is not your friend. Seek out a support group, even if it’s virtual, and even if you’re an introvert. Ask all the questions. Stock up on self care and comfort items – the big fuzzy slippers and blanket types.” – April

“Get a notebook. Write down all your questions. Take it to all your appointments. You’ll remember what you wanted to ask and write down what the doctor is telling you. Ask them to give you time to do so. The information will help you feel more confident and comfortable during your journey. Advocate for yourself and if you can’t, get someone you trust to do it for you!”- Meghan

  1. Positive mindset goes a long way. This was the single, most important thing that got me though.
  2. Chemo brain is real. Write down everything you need to remember. It can be in your head one minute and gone the next.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help. – Missy

“Make people hear you, insist they listen. It’s not contagious.” – Linda